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After a lengthy hiatus examining the constant change in the mortgage industry, Broker Education has decided to provide their educational materials to the general public for free. Now anyone interested in mortgage broker licensing, its laws, and licensing processes can use the resources on this site at no charge, take the free courses with no limits on access, and prepare themselves for a new career or continuing-education credits.

Our first two courses, Business Ethics and TILA (Truth in Lending Act) are online. Check the 'Free Courses' link to the left. RESPA courses are in development, and even more educational materials for the mortgage industry are being identified.

As we build out our content, you can search for state-specific references using the Search box on the left, then see a list of results below containing links and search options to find your mortgage and licensing continuing education credits options.

You can also find your state-specific requirements through the handy lookup tool. Check the State Requirements widget on the left.

We hope you find this resource site useful! You can find further resources on our About page too...

Broker Education is a free, online continuing education resource for those pursuing mortgage broker license renewa or looking to break into the mortgage business industry.

This material is provided for your convenience. There are no guarantees regarding the accuracy or validity of this material, nor has any government agency reviewed, verified, or endorsed these courses.

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