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On this page, Broker Education provides free access to their top training courses; Business Ethics, TILA (Truth in Lending), and RESPA (Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act).

Our Business Ethics course is geared to help you understand the necessity for ethical behavior within the broker industry. We discuss:

Mortgage Business Ethics



Our Truth in Lending (TILA) course provides the basis for understanding the depth and complexity of the TILA act, including 'Regulation Z', in a mobile-friendly HTML format for your convenience - study on whatever device you happen to have handy!

The TILA course covers the act itself, with several sections pulled and defined, a 'Fees' section on how to properly itemize and breakdown fees for the APR calculation - including sample worksheets.

Our RESPA course is coming soon!



You may review these courses with no charge or access limits on access to prepare yourself for a new career or continuing-education credits.

Remember to review the Books & Video section as well for a list of recommended readings to further your mortgage broker education and select videos related to the profession.

As we continue build out our content, search for state-specific references using the left-side Search box to view results containing links to services and products in your area.

You can also find your state-specific requirements through the handy lookup tool. Access the State Requirements widget from the left menu.


This material is provided for your convenience. There are no guarantees regarding the accuracy or validity of this material, nor has any government agency reviewed, verified, or endorsed these courses.

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